The ecambria systems GmbH located in Cologne offers, with ecambria escrow, a central depository for software and other digital goods to German and European clients.

ecambria escrow offers:

All services from the necessary technical examination to professional and secure escrow

To minimize risks you have to ensure that the deposited source code is useable in the event of its release. As IT-experts, we have the technical knowledge to inspect the source code in respect of its completeness, compilability, documentation and the identical nature of the various versions.

Source code check-up in our own laboratory solely with our own IT-experts

Our IT-experts have long-standing experience as software producers and designers and additionally they can draw on the know-how required in various programming languages. In our state-of-the-art software laboratory, we can simulate completely developed runtime environments relating to complex systems and also carry out in depth-tests.

Software escrow based on time-tested model contracts

We provide you with a flexible model contract. With this contract, we are able to capture complex scenarios and to adapt the contract to your individual needs, after taking into consideration the views of all the parties concerned and those of their lawyers.

Latest encryption and storage methods

Our IT-experts ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the deposited objects by implementing the latest cryptographical methods and by using threefold redundant memory locations.

Dr. Oliver Stiemerling, the managing director of ecambria systems, is a member of the following associations: