The level of the costs incurred by software escrow depends on several factors:
Especially the complexity of the technical examination and the amount of data deposited.

The various cost items are:

  • The analysis and organization of software escrow, along with the consultation work, including that on the main contract (one-off charge)
  • Initial technical inspection (depending on the effort required, one-off charge)
  • Deposit per licensee (per year)
  • Accession of further licensees (per year)
  • Update (one-off charge)
  • Carrying out the release procedure (one-off charge)

The annual running costs for escrow are low. They start at $900 plus VAT for one deposited object.

According to our experience, checking simple software with regard to translatability costs about $2,000 plus VAT.

In the context of the analysis- and consultation-phase, we can give you individual information based on your individual case.