In many companies, the use of software is a part of everyday business. All items of  software are based on source code (a source code is a text written in coding language).

As seen from the perspective of the software producer, his (or its) source code is copyrighted intellectual property and constitutes a business secret. For licensees, the source code is the key to the development and maintenance of the executable programs used.

This relationship brings about a pronounced dependence, which unavoidably involves risks.

Risk minimization based on software escrow

To deposit this source code may be a purposeful means of counteracting the risk of a software provider failure. Software escrow is a possible way of ensuring the protection of intellectual property on the one hand, on the other hand, the interest of the licensee in having maintainable software.

The more critical a process for the company is, the more important protection against system failure will be.

We will advise you individually on how you can benefit from software escrow in terms of risk management, also showing you alternative opportunities for risk minimization.